Collection Services

Dedicated to Healthcare Providers

Since 1988 Group J has been dedicated to making medical practice and collections easier. We deal with medical practices, therefore we know the regulations, we know the insurance providers and we know how to get you reimbursed. Our decades of experience have showed us how to collect the maximum amount. If claims are denied we will appeal the decision.


Insurance Claim Management

At Group J, collection starts from the time we submit the claim. By having an efficient submission process and submitting a clean claim, we improve your collection rate. Group J`s Medical Practice Management ensures timely receipt of your cash flows.


Clean Claims: In order to increase payment turnaround, it is critical to send out "clean claims." Claims are cleared through Group J's Medical Practice Management system. Our goal is to bill for services correctly the first time.

Electronic Submission: Whenever possible, we will submit your claims electronically to significantly improve collection time.

Quick Filing: The quicker your claims are submitted to carriers; the faster you receive your payments. Group J submits claims daily. Follow-up: Our accounts receivable department works diligently to pursue all outstanding amounts from both patients and carriers.

Follow-up: Our accounts receivable department works diligently to pursue all outstanding amounts from both patients and carriers.

Creating and Mailing Patient Statements: Group J will create and send patient statements whenever there is an outstanding balance. We continue to follow-up until the account is satisfied.


Long Term Client Satisfaction

The best proof that you are doing your job well is by having satisfied clients. Group J has been providing billing and collection services to clients for over 20 years. We develop long-term relationships with our clients by delivering results and giving providers unprecedented control and visibility into their practices. Group J has a proven track record of improving our clients' collection rates. Instead of simply telling you about the medical billing services we provide and what we can do, we prefer to show you how we plan to drastically improve your practice's collection rate. Our clients know we are constantly working on their behalf to maximize collections. We make sure that our staff is trained properly and experienced. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If in a rare instance, we cannot make a collection, there is no fee.


Legal Services Available

Group J retains the legal services of a healthcare lawyer. Her experience in dealing with insurance companies and government agencies creates enormous value in our efforts to support the clients' needs.


Debtor Location Resources

Group J has an affiliation with a collection company who specializes in healthcare receivables. This company has resources to find lost debtors and to pursue potential bad debts.


Experienced Collectors

Our employees are constantly working to stay on top of all the latest medical regulatory changes and insurance requirements, enabling us to keep the process moving smoothly and helping us to greater levels of success in collections.


No Collections, No Fees

We believe clients should receive value for the services we perform. If we are not successful in our efforts, then there are no fees to the client.


HIPAA Compliant

At Group J, all of our collection methods are in compliance of The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We respect all patient information provided by our clients and do not disclose any information. We follow HIPAA regulation protocols and security. Confidentiality of patient and practice information is assured. We have a zero tolerance policy for any breech of confidentiality. Records are kept secure and all appropriate laws are observed for handling the release of information. Our entire work force is trained on privacy, security, and confidentiality. We strive to meet and exceed all regulations.