Group J's scanning and archiving services enables health care organizations to move toward a paperless environment by storing health care information in a digital format. Group J offers a simple and secure range of document imaging and paper scanning services that will convert all of your documents, medical records, archives and photographs into high-quality digital images. Once we scan and digitally archive your materials, Group J will provide customized storage solutions for easy retrieval of records whenever you need them. We offer a comprehensive suite of scanning and archiving services, including:

  • High grade optical scanning
  • Archival preservation
  • Digitization and electronic document processing
  • High Speed document scanning

Document Scanning Service

Realize immediate, tangible benefits, improved productivity, and more efficient information management by using our high-speed document conversion service. We will scan your documents, images, financial and real estate records, and other vital business information and convert them into digitized images, making them easily accessible via digital storage devices.


OCR Scanning

OCR is a process where an image file, such as a PDF or tiff, is converted into a text-rich searchable document. This allows for manipulation of the content.


Document Storage

In addition to providing digital files of scanned documents, Group J can also convert and upload all archived files to an FTP server, or any other web-based storage site for instant online retrieval.


Medical Records Scanning

The implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is expanding and digital integration can offer great benefits to both medical practices and patients. Our solution allows us to merge your patient's old paper charts into new e-charts, facilitating a seamless transition and easy access.